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CT group of Institutions is a premier group of Institutions in North India, the institution not only engages itself in teaching and research of international quality, but also provides societal services for the benefit of rural and urban populations. The programmes offered by us are directed towards achieving excellence in education and extending the benefits of improved technology to the society as a whole.CT Educational Society believes in the adage "Do not limit self to present realities. Expand it constantly: unfold your highest potential, pushing to the brim and that’s what it is all about." The society envisldri's to evolve into a Deemed University imparting education and training in diverse academic disciplines and setting new standards of excellence in the delivery of education. We believe that the true road to permanent success, in any sphere is to make yourself a Master in that sphere.

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CT group of Institutions is a premier group of Institutions in North India.

All through your time with us, we will persuade you to see the bigger picture and lend your hand to find your place within it. Your individualism and aspirations are important to us and we are steadfast to facilitate you to craft you an exceptional personage, with the capability to comprehend and commune your own dreams in a diverse and international society.
S. Charnjit Singh Channi - Chairman, CT Group
At CT Institutions, core program of study is not only proposed for attaining knowledge, although to support student’s spiritual, moral, communal and creative development to get outfitted them for the opportunities, responsibilities and understanding of life.
Mr. Manbir Singh - Managing Director, CT Group
CT Institutions aim is to educate students from all over India, including those from the local and rural areas, and from other countries, so they grow to be progressive individuals, improving the living values of their families, industry and the general public.
Mr. Harpreet Singh - Vice Chairman, CT Group

Our Shining stars

Er Yasir Zahoor Rather Google Student Ambassado
Sanil Gupta Co-founder at Sportingcart.com
Gaurav Bhardwaj Firefox Regional Student Ambassador
Mukesh Malhotra IBM Student Ambassador

Everything you need to learn creative skills.

  • 10000+ Students Enrolled

    More than 10000 full time students including international students are enrolled with the Institutions at various levels of programs.
  • 70+ UG/PG Courses

    The Institution offers more than 60 programs at Doctoral, Masters, Bachelors and Diploma levels
  • 750+ Faculty/Staff members

    Situated in the heart of the state of Punjab in India’s North, which is rapidly transforming into an educational hub
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